​Mission Statement

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The mission of Angelic Answers is to bring awareness to all that there is a greater purpose to our lives. By reconnecting to your own Sacred Soul, and to the essence and true nature of that Soul, your Divine connection will shine through.  It will be impossible to deny.  We are all meant to enjoy peace, happiness, love, and abundance in our lives. Angelic Answers will guide you towards the realization that you are worthy of this, and give you faith in yourself, to follow your path and purpose.

Sandra’s journey began soon after a personal tragedy which filled her world with grief.  Her own healing became her quest and sole mission, so that she could not only help herself, but could support her family as well.  She soon realized her natural gifts, and knew from her experiences and in depth studies, that she could also help many others facing similar emotional trauma.

Testimonial from Amy Sue

“I had the pleasure of doing sessions with Sandra of Angelic Answers. The work she did with me was just what my soul needed. She has a loving presence and a quiet knowing. She gently took me to the tender places that needed healing. She helped me connect with my divine so I could feel safe and learn how to follow my path. She gave me tools to use when I feel lost or off center. She taught me how to tell where my soul speaks to me and from where my ego speaks from. The akashic reading she did for me gave me clarity and helped me understand why I do and feel the way I do. Sandra is a very gifted healer and I highly recommend her work. If you feel lost or confused or just know there is something missing, I highly recommend a healing with Sandra.  She will meet you wherever you are at on your healing journey, and I know, you will get life changing benefits from her work.”

Testimonial from Denise Anderson

Sandra has an incredible gift of listening which allows her to tap into the energy around us and within us – an extraordinary connection to her own Divine and to Spirit. Because of this, she offers a unique healing experience. I recently had such an experience with her where I was guided to reclaim a piece of my heart that I had given away a while ago. I have done so much healing over the past year and a half, but often felt there was still something missing; like something had a hold on me. What an absolute Blessing at the end of the session when I recognized almost instantly that my heart was now whole and complete! It was like reclaiming my true identity; who I am, who I came here to be.
From the moment of our birth into this physical world, we are told who to be. And then we spend the rest of our life trying to remember who we truly are. We search and search for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, only to realize that the treasure lies within. We brought it into this world with us – it is our Spirit.  As we’re walking along the pathway of our life, there are many who step on and off our path. In this process, we unknowingly take pieces of others and give away pieces of ourselves, until we’re like a jigsaw puzzle where all the pieces don’t quite fit anymore and there are some missing.
I believe it’s our responsibility in this lifetime to find our Divine Purpose, to fulfill our Destiny (our highest calling if you will). Every single one of us has a role on this planet, no exceptions. None of us is here by accident; in fact, we chose to be here at this time and there is an absolute reason we are here. To be able to walk solidly on this path and to do so as our truest self, we must bring back our missing pieces and give back those we have taken from others. This will allow us to reclaim our wholeness. Then when we are whole and complete, standing in the magnificent Light of our Holiness, All the world is ours.
Thank you, Sandra, for helping me find and then bring back my pieces; for helping me reclaim my Holiness. You are a true Blessing in my life. If you need help finding your missing pieces and opening up to your Divine Purpose, I recommend you contact Sandra at Angelic Answers.

Denise is a Published Author and Spiritual Healer.  Check out her blog at: https://thelighthousewithin.wordpress.com/

Testimonial from Tina

“Yesterday I took part in a very cleansing experience. I attended this workshop because a dear friend of mine Denise Anderson reached out to me. She had a feeling that this is what I needed to break through to my inner child and release some of the demons that have been holding me back…and WOW! WOW! WOW! I can’t even begin to express what I had experienced. I cried, and cried hard. It started when I was 3 years old. Holding on to some things that actually affect my present being, I had a soul reassignment session with Sandy Marshall ( I think that’s what you call it) and she dug deep. Real deep. And this morning I woke up feeling like a new person. Letting of things that no longer serve your higher good is so important. Recreating memories so that you feel balance and forgiveness is a wonderful feeling. Time to move forward. Denise you are a blessing and I appreciate everything you do for me and with me. We definitely have a connection that I will cherish for a very long time. Sandy, I have no words to express what you made me feel last night but I felt it. I felt it good and hard and I am truly grateful.”